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I, personally, avoid using such terminology in my consultations; and, instead, try to offer a clear perspective on specific aspects of horoscope like Marriage, Profession, Finance etc. This is so because it works more towards in generating a happy or sad feeling depending upon which type of Yoga is present in your horoscope ; while, this may not serve any significant purpose on practical grounds.

Like, you may be looking to know about professional prospects of your horoscope.

Kemdrum Dosh – A slow killer in birth chart - Kemdrum yog cancellation

On ground level, the prominent and practical questions, which needed to be addressed, are related to stability, security and growth in profession. And, for addressing this, one may need to be specific both in questions as well as answers. The appeasement therapy of showering good looking words like you have a Raj Yoga or Dhana Yoga may, sometimes, also create unwarranted problems; and, except a happy feeling which may not sustain longer , nothing much can be achieved.

Having said that I also feel that such behavior or expectations are also quite natural; and, sometimes, people do want to hear positive things, which make them feel special. In this and forthcoming articles, I will try to explain the concept as well as application of these yogas in horoscope readings so that you may have at least some basic idea about it and have some realistic approach.

Kemdrum Dosh/Yoga (Vedic Astrology) (Exposed)

Written by renowned Sage Mantreshwara, Phaladeepika offers a very potent and clear explanation of the vedic astrology principles. The sixth and seventh chapters of Phaladeepika extensively deal with different types of Yogas in a horoscope. Chapter six commences with mentioning of Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas, which are formed on the basis of specific dispositions of five planets viz. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.

I have already explained about the application of these specific Yogas in detail in my previous posts; and, the related links are mentioned below for quick reference. As per traditional approach, a person born with Anpha Yoga will be good looking, virtuous good character , patient and happy.

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He will be blessed with materialistic prosperity; and, will enjoy healthy physique. As per traditional horoscope readings; person born in Sunpha Yoga will be King or equivalent to King.

Kemdrum Yog

He will be intelligent, wealthy and famous. As per traditional approach, Durudhara Yoga blesses with happiness, peace and prosperity. The native will be philanthropist and wealthy; will enjoy all sorts of materialistic pleasures and may have many vehicles at his disposal. Traditional horoscope readings of this Yoga are told to be highly inauspicious in nature as per which the native born with Kemdrum Yoga will be unhappy and miserable. He will be poor, may not have any status or importance in the society; and, may have to do mean jobs or work under control of other persons.

For example, a person may be having Anpha Yoga but he may still suffer from bad health or poverty; or, you may find a person having Kemdrum Yoga in his vedic horoscope; but he may still be enjoying the riches. The primary reason behind this is that these yogas are based upon the mutual planetary disposition between the Moon and other planets; and, because the Moon remains in one zodiac sign Rashi for around two days Moon completes one cycle over all zodiac signs approximately in 27 days 8 hours and 45 minutes during which its stay in one zodiac sign remains operational for around 55 hours.

Sometimes, it remains in one zodiac sign for 50 hours and sometimes it takes around 60 hours to cross one zodiac sign depending upon the length of zodiac sign ; and, therefore, the chances of almost every one born during those two days having same disposition of the Moon and respective planets generating above mentioned yogas are quite high. As we can see the Moon is occupying fifth house in Libra zodiac sign Tula Rashi ; and, the second and twelfth houses from the Moon are empty generating Kemdrum Yoga.

Now, if we dig a bit more into this, we can easily observe that the Moon entered into Libra zodiac sign Tula Rashi around AM on 14 August and remained there till PM on 16 August i. And, during this whole stay of the Moon in Libra zodiac Tula Rashi , the adjacent houses i. And, if we start applying the Yoga Kemdrum based upon this mutual disposition of the Moon with other planets; then, all persons born during those 60 hours should be considered to suffer from inauspicious and malefic results of Kemdrum Yoga i.

However, the point I am trying to explain is that irrespective of these conditions, the mutual planetary disposition of the Moon and other planets is likely to remain the same in most cases. And, whether it Moon forms a good yoga like Anpha, Sunpha or Durudhara , the results cannot be the same for all persons taking birth during the stay of the Moon for around 55 to 60 hours in a specific zodiac sign.

As per the results of Sunpha Yoga, the person born with such yoga will be king or equal to king; and will be intelligent, wealthy and famous. And, all these auspicious and positive results of Sunpha Yoga did occurred in the life of Steve Jobs. A detailed explanation of Steve Jobs horoscope can be read over here.

But, is it only the formation of Sunpha Yoga which generated such results; or, there were some other reasons too? I am saying so because if the credit of all these auspicious results is to be assigned to Sunpha Yoga; then, all persons born between PM 23 February to pm 25 February should have had the similar positive results of Sunpha Yoga.


During this time frame of around 51 hours between PM 23 February to pm 25 February , the Moon remained in Pisces zodiac Meena Rashi ; and, the mutual disposition of the Moon and Mars Mars placed in second house from the Moon remained the same. But, we know that this is neither logical nor possible; and that there might have been all sorts of people born during these 51 hours, when the mutual disposition of the Moon and Mars remained the same and generating Sunpha Yoga some of them would have been poor, some would have been failures and some would have had happy family life etc.

No, this is not what I intend to say; and, there is definitely some relevancy as well as usefulness of these principles. The only requirement is to understand it appropriately in place of making quick and straight forwarded conclusions.

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According to Brihat Jatak, the person born under Kemadruma, will be dirty, sorrowful, doing work against his caste, poor, dependent and roguish, although he may take a birth in a royal family. Scientifically and astrologically, Moon represents mind and its unlimited energies, in the absence of any planet either side of Moon, there are no well-defined boundaries for the mental activity and there is no subject to control the mental activity so it is mind without any control.

go to link The person may not be able to concentrate on any activity and become irresponsible towards his social duties. A person may have to leave his grown up place and live in the unknown place or country. Such person away from the family and friends surely feels poor. People in transferable jobs or trying to enter in another country without any background should check for the Kemadruma Yoga in their horoscopes.

The person with Kemadruma Yog should not run the independent business, or he should not carry the posts with financial responsibilities. Also, he should avoid starting a big venture in his own name. If Moon is placed in the rashi of auspicious and strong planet and conjunct with either Mercury, Jupiter, or Venus, kemadruma stands cancelled.

According to Varahmihir , if planets are in Kendra from Moon or if the Moon is conjoined with planets, there is no Kemadrum. Tags: Vedic Astrology.

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