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Pool went to school part-time and continued to work at the library and coffee shop. Her boyfriend took care of their baby, Max, during the day and worked at a bakery overnight. Student loans took care of tuition, books and leftover living expenses.

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In , Pool graduated with a 3. A few months later, Pool and her boyfriend broke up. After stints as a teaching assistant and working on a bookmobile, Sarah was hired full-time as a library assistant in a neighboring town. Therapists told the parents of a little girl with developmental delays to take her to story time. The girl became so attached to Pool that her parents would invite the librarian over for dinner. Yet she has a hard time convincing herself that it was worth the price she continues to pay. She feels perpetually on the edge of peril — one car breakdown away from disaster.

Pool buys clothes for herself and Max almost exclusively at Goodwill. No meals out or weekend getaways. When Pool fantasizes about the future, what she dreams about is being able to pay more than the monthly minimum on her student loans. Michael Ciccone, co-chair of the Loan Stars steering committee, believes librarians have always been early adopters of the next great read. This is what we are trying to harness.

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And two librarians surveyed for this story chose A. BookNet, the non-profit that champions the Canadian publishing industry, pitched Loan Stars to the Canadian Library Association after taking a page from the similar Library Reads program in the U. The difference is we are actually seeing these books pre-publication.

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Besides libraries downloading a poster advertising the Top 10 from LoanStars. Correction — January 9, This article was edited from a previous version that mistakenly said the Loan Stars program is an initiative of the Canadian Library Association. Three librarians share their most highly recommended reads. The main narrator is an Irish lesbian who is in a Green Card marriage, but she is in a relationship with another member of the team and they fight zombies together. Banner, about a marine biologist who forgets the past four years of her life in the wake of a diving accident.


My first week as a branch manager. What a welcome.


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We do read. You're welcome. Roz Warren. Never Miss a Story.

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